Courtesy of the BFSFA committee, here are all of the provisional results from today’s programme of Sunday football action. The tables, fixtures and results have now been updated. If in doubt, please call Dennis on 391055. Midweek evening fixtures continue on Wednesday.  Also includes the 2012/13 season Roll of honour.




The long season continued across the Coast this morning.  In Division 1, Sportsworld Media FC’s 8-4 home defeat to Champions Blackhurst Budd meant that Golden Eagle FC took runners up spot.  Elsewhere, Bathroom Solutions beat Chris Allen Garages 5-2 and the Saddle beat Mythop Leisure 3-2.  In Division 2, Xceptional Kitchens beat Teamsport 90 FC 4-1 and Northern Rags beat Mereside 7-0.




Now listen up as this is important.  The Division 3 title race remains unresolved.  Currently, Clifton Rangers FC are top and have finished their programme.  This morning, Frenchman’s Cove beat Normoss Newton 3-1 to pull within three points with one game remaining.  The LFA have ruled that in circumstances where two teams finish level at the top on points and where one of the teams have had a 1-0 win awarded in their favour due to their opponents not showing up then goal difference goes out of the window and a play off will decide the title.  As Clifton have had a 1-0 win awarded in such circumstances then this means that if Frenchman’s Cove win their final match a play off will take place on 19/05/13 at Collins Park.  Remember, this is an LFA ruling and nothing to do with the BFSFA.








Division 1










Sportsworld Media 4 – 8 Blackhurst Budd



Saddle 3 – 2 Mythop Leisure


Chris Allen Garages 2 – 5 Bathroom Solutions




Division 2



Northern Rags 7 – 0 Mereside



Xceptional Kitchens 4 – 1 Teamsport 90 FC


Marton Institute 0 – 1 Highfield Social



Division 3





Frenchman’s Cove 3 – 1 Normoss Newton Arms


BFSFA Roll of Honour 2012/13 Season


Lancashire Sunday Trophy winners – Reform Health Club FC


Lancashire Sunday Trophy runners up – Blackhurst Budd FC


BFSFA Champions – Poulton SFC


BFSFA runners up – AFC Additions


Division 1 winners – Blackhurst Budd FC


Division 1 runners up – Golden Eagle


Division 2 winners – Northern Rags FC


Division 2 runners up – Devonshire Arms FC


Division 3 winners – Clifton Rangers FC 

Division 3 runners up – Frenchman’s Cove FC


Division 4 winners – Wesham Town FC


Division 4 runners up – FC Victoria


Gledhill Cup winners – Northern Care Colts FC


Gledhill Cup runners up – Northern Rags FC


Prem/Div 1 Cup winners – AFC Additions


Prem/Div 1 Cup runners up – Poulton SFC


Div 2/Div 3 Cup winners – Teamsport 90 FC


Div 2/Div 3 Cup runners up – Devonshire Arms FC


Division 4 Cup winners – FC Victoria


Division 4 Cup runners up – DH Gas FC


Sportspy 2012 /13



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