Results and pictures – Sunday August 26th 2012

Courtesy of the BFSFA committee, here are all of the provisional results from today's programme of Sunday Football league action. The tables, fixtures and results have now been updated. If in doubt, please call Dennis on 391055.

As you may have noticed we screwed up the initial article.  Tried to fix it but couldn't so we've redone it.  However, I couldn't be bothered to type out all of the results again.  They're on the Fyldesport sister site and easily accessible via the link on the left hand menu of the Fyldesport homepage.  Anyhow, here are all of the pictures and video taken at Commonedge last Sunday.


Just prior to kick off the heavens opened…DH Gas supporters were grateful for those umbrellas

DH Gas in the orange – pre match huddle…no numbers to avoid detection by the ref

Ex Highfield Social stalwart Leigh Chettle

Just turned 50 but still taking covert  pictures of young girls in bushes.  It's wrong on so many levels.

Marton manager Pash

The Marton substitute attempts to impress his manager on the sideline…..'are you watching, are you?'

Marton WAGS

Walkabout versus H&A Social (Stripes)

Walkabout pulled off the best bit of transfer business mid season by signing up the sensational Donna Artis as club secretary

Pump & Truncheon v Dutton Arms (Blue)

GOAL!! for the Pump as the No 9 finds the far corner

Bad tempered bugger

Dutton switch off and the No10 ghosts in to score a classy goal

Over on pitch 7 Highfield Social (Blue) were up against Athletico Excelsior

Ant Jones putting the 'Athletic' in Athletico

Half time breather for the referee on Pitch 8

Clarkson watches on

After a Micky Hall backpass was picked up by the Social keeper, Athletico were rightly awarded a free kick.  They took full advantage but it was to be no more than a consolation.

Highfield supporters over from the cricket club

Referee Mark Hughes

Micky Hall

Wesham Town FC versus Victoria FC – Wesham's Dave Pearse

Wesham in the yellow and blue


Great to see 57 year old Owen Burns still involved in local football.  Manager, assistant, kit man, secretary????

No as a player….'the bastard won't put me on'

Strange, all the Victoria people saw this as a perfectly fair challenge at the time but look at that left hand….great refereeing.

Keeping in a kilt……there's a first

Great goal for Victoria…..3-2 down but game on

Wesham Town keeper Ben Spriggs


'These nettles are just the worst'

In the book – you know what you did – just leave them alone

Put em away ladies it's all about the football

'What the hell?  Am I seeing things?'

'OK, OK, you keep the pretty cards…we'll forget all about the booking'

Fire and Ice (Blue) v Kirkham Con Club.  Desperate to appear on Fyldesport the Kirkham player dribbles the ball across his own six yard box

Bus trip


Another goal for Kirkham

Station Tavern (White) v Hampton Road Social

A great save by the Hampton keeper but the Tavern were first to react and scored the all important winner.  A good effort by Hampton.

Man crush

Finally, new side Layton in the red faced tough opposition in the shape of Normoss Newton Arms FC.  In the end the latter won comfortably.


Great Layton tackle

Faked it

Escape attempt…..

Sportspy 2012 /13

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