July 2012 Sunday Football Gossip

Well, not quite.  'Take us to Tram Sunday' has been this morning's cry.  There's still a few Sunday's to negotiate until Sunday Football is really back not helped by the later than usual start on August 19th.  Still, a week today will see the final day of the Open Golf and there's still that chucking and running event to come.  Anyway, here's a few rumours that I've managed to extract from human sources and social media sites.

Firstly, the proposed league structure is not allowed to be published until after the July Secretaries meeting. 

The same goes for fixtures that will also be handed out on the night.  This is a bribe to try and get you all to attend.

What I can say is that there looks to be around 62 teams set to compete which represents a further reduction of five teams on those that reached the finishing post last season.

There will once again be five Divisions (Prem, 1, 2, 3 and 4).  Currently, there are only nine teams in the Prem as other teams refuse to go up.  Twelve teams look to make up Division 1 as again sides are reluctant or not yet ready to play in that Division.  13 in both Divisions 2 & 3 and 15 in Division 4 although one of them will clearly have to be moved up.

Most disappointing appears to be the lack of Fleetwood sides in Fylde Coast Sunday football, so much so that only two teams will be sharing one pitch at Broadwaters, the one time hotbead of Fleetwood Sunday football.  After competing so well in both league and Cup last year it looks as though Parkside FC have folded with one time fierce rivals Spedding and Impett joining forces in an unholy alliance (Tragic if the rumour is correct but Sanuk have currently denied it).  In addition, it looks like Sanuk FC have left Collins Park to play their home games at Blackpool Wren Rovers. Highfield Social have also left the home of Fylde Coast Sunday football to play at the Edge.  Blue Room and I think Marton Institute will now take up residence.

A few name changes.  Tower Lounge FC become Molloys FC, The County are now Blackhurst Budd FC, WTC Chris Allen Garages FC have dropped the WTC and the Brun Grove are now the Saddle FC.  Sports World Media FC is the new name for Blackpool Lane Ends FC and the Mere Park have now renamed as Devonshire Arms FC.  Thatched FC have moved South and renamed as Marton Institute FC and Clifton Arms FC are now Mereside FC.  C&G Electrical are now Athletico Excelsior FC and the Sun Inn have returned to Hampton Road Social Club FC.  Lane Ends and Lane Ends Reserves have r-ebranded as Wesham FC and Wesham Town FC.  FC Newton are now Kirkham Cons FC and Excellent UK FC are now Clifton Rangers FC.  Berry's Beds are Dutton Arms FC and the Philharmonic are now Pump & Truncheon FCand finally, Stanley Arms, Wesham FC are now Walkabout FC.

A number of teams have gone but a good number of new teams have come in.  Revival Tattoos FC run by Danny Rossi and with a number of familiar faces look to be playing out of the top Division.  Good news is that Fylde Coast Gates FC return and will probably play in Division 2.  Frenchman's Cove FC are also back, probably in Division 3.  New teams in Division 4 include Fire & Ice FC, Hotel & Apartments Club FC, JJ Property FC, Layton FC, Normoss Newton FC and Score FC.  We also have Highlands FC who last season played as BJFF Under 17's – good news. 

Hopefully the league will move towards introducing an U18's Division for next season.That's it for now. 

Fyldesport will publish the official Divisions after the next league meeting. 

Time to head North to look at some trams, listen to some terrible Jazz quartet and watch some tosser in a silly red hat ringing a bell and shouting 'Oh Yea'.  Roll on the football season.

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