Sportspy Reports – Sunday August 7th 2011

The first day of the new Sunday football season and with the wind and rain it was more like mid March than early August.  No way was the new camera going out in the open in those conditions so it was the shelter of the two covered stands at Blackpool Wren Rovers and Squires Gate.  Here's a small selection of pitcures from the two matches that were taking place.

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Airshow day at Blackpool.  The Red Arrows were supposed to fly in, perform and fly off but 'Red 7' had a problem and landed for repairs.  A good picture from the runway boundary on Queensway.  Noisy,. you could smell the fuel and feel the draft around your ears.

At the ground of Blackpool Wren Rovers FC, BFSFA Champions Quilligans FC were playing Fleetwood Gym FC (Collins Park still not playable).  Quilligans FC romped away to a comfortable victory.

Marc Beattie shrugs off a challenge

Referee Barry Cropp

Alan Perkes

Sam Gorrie

Fantastic last ditch block

Mark Spedding more than happy with the start made by Quilligans FC

Over the fence and it was the Division 1 fixture between Blackpool Motor Works FC (Real Burlington FC) and Northern Care Colts FC.  This was one of the most feisty and entertaining fixtures in Division 2 last season.  No change there then as the two sides battled out a 4-4 draw with two goals in extra time.

Northern Care Colts FC's Lewis Cook

Colt's manager Matt Livingstone (Left) at the interval

2-1 down at the break and it was soon 3-1 to the Motor Works but in the above picture the Colts (Red) pull one back.

A push in the box…and Mr Eagle awards a penalty.  3-3…game on

Big Ben Waddington with Big Big Rye

Andy Harvie – a quality all round display this morning with some quality strikes

…and far too tricky for the defenders

91 minutes and Harvie creates a chance out of absolutely nothing to put his team ahead.  Big kisses

But credit to the Colts as they went straight up the other end from the restart and equalised.  4-4 the final score.  If we see a few more games like that one there will be few complaints.

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