Top pictures 2010/11 (Part 3)

We continue our retrospective look at the 2010/11 season with the next of our selection of Fyldesport's best pictures. 

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Referr Dave Connor ensures that the corner is taken from the correct position

Stuart Todd brings over the teas

Matt Hindle (Right)

Lovely save

That'd be me off work for a fortnight

It sneaked in

A rare appearance from referee Barry Cropp in the Lancashire Sunday Trophy

Young H Spedding

Keeper Greg Bird

Wayne Hughes contemplating

'Calm down Kenny'

Wayne Gardiner (Centre)

Boundary Park at its best

Referee Tony Cunliffe is all smiles

Ross Swift

'The wind took it lads'

Half time team talk from CTK manager Dave Hall


Catholic Club manager Brian McGuinness

Bravely taken

'Beware !  Will bite if provoked'

Young Taylor

Paul Tunney (Centre)

Kelvin Dyson has trouble with his eyesight

Referee Colin Bascombe

Zero interest in the proceedings

Gardeners Arms FC management and supporters

Referee James Taylor

Mike Mahoney

Not dressed appropriately for the Edge

Sneaked in again


Brian Ward

Always best to watch Quills v Blackpool Rangers from a safe distance

AFC Blackpool's Niall Cummins

AFC Liverpool fans celebrate a goal

The rural and scenic venue of Wesham

Jack Clarke

Has he got a picture of Richard Madeley on his mug?

Lane Ends FC manager Bamber and Bambino

I like this picture so it goes in.  Strange gate at the Wesham pitch, always makes me think where and what it once led into

Great vantage point…'how do I get down?'

The wettest morning of the season at Boundary Park

FC Eden manager Scott McNeill

Canaries FC (Preston) manager enjoying the seaside weather

Sportspy 2010/11

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