Top pictures 2010/11 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of our selection of Fyldesport's top pictures from the 2010/11 Sunday football season.

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Save them anyway and with whatever you can



…and Brummies, we have every creed

A brave take from Geoff Barnsley who gets clattered for his troubles


A good punch

Chest control

Hoping for the lampost shot but disappointed

Referee John McNicholas

Shovels FC can't jump

Dark skies looming at the Edge

Ross Gouck (Right)

West Coast manager Daryl Prance


Vet's manager Chris Giles collecting weekly subs

Guinness anyone?

Monty goes one way but the ball goes the other and into the net

A bloody nose

Gordon Mason is beaten


Poulton keeper Andy Speight

Stand-in Burlies keeper Sheiky is beaten

'Go long'

Man down

Chris Nay celebrates

Touchline clash – head to head (half a brain between them)

They cleverly built the stand at AFC Blackpool so that the penalty area is the last place to thaw after a heavy frost

Pre match fag

Donna Artis…coffee, gloves, glasses, designer bag… style

The downside of being in a big squad at West Coast is that you're dropped from the squad if you're late

County player gets a yellow from Mr Cunliffe

Pile on

Sportspy 2010/11

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