Mid summer gossip – 2011

We're into July and with the sun shining on a glorious Sunday morning we've just phoned fixtures secretary Dennis Peters (Still alive and as equally cantankerous) for the latest Sunday football gossip – here it is.

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OK, here we go;

1 – Currently, there will be five Divisions (Prem – 13), (Div 1 – 14), (Div 2 – 14), Div 3 – 14) and Div 4 – 13).  This assumes that the three teams awaiting vetting will be accepted.  There is still time to get a new team in the league if you're all set and ready to go.

2 – The full structure will be released on July 28th and will appear on Fyldesport.com the same day.

3 – We regretfully say goodbye to the following clubs; FC Eden, Devonshire Arms, Blackpool Rangers, Fylde Coast Gates, Shovels, Layton Institute, Fleetwood Kings, Cuban Allstars and the Waterloo Pub.  Gardeners Arms and Highbury Vets have merged in the Prem.

4.  We welcome new clubs Thatched FC, Stanley Arms Wesham FC, Soul Suite FC (No connection to Mr Miles), FC Newton, Xcellent FC and Bathroom Solutions FC (Managed by Mr M Faber).  The three teams still awaiting vetting are Victoria Hospital FC, Best Electrical FC and the welcome return of Bispham Hotel FC.

5.  Champions Quilligans FC may be changing their name to Stanley Cons FC, Highfield Social Club FC may be moving away from Collins Park.

If you have any interesting gossip about your own club – E-Mail me at sportspy22@aol.com

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