New season – same old problems (Grumpy speaks)

I have just received the latest list of registered teams from the LFA.  At this moment we have only 14 out of 70 teams registered. May I remind you that if you are not registered you will not be able to start the season on 7th August and each game you fail to play you will be fined and have points deducted. Two teams have tried to register but cannot because they have outstanding administration charges to the LFA which must be paid before they can register. Any team who have not received an application form or lost the one they were sent if you send me a stamp addressed envelope to D.P.J.M.Peters  25 Argosy Avenue Blackpool FY3 7NG and I will send you one back post haste – REMEMBER NO REGISTRATION NO PLAY.                    YOUR EVER LOVING GRUMPY

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