Results – Wednesday April 6th 2011

Courtesy of the committee, here are the provisional results from tonight's programme of midweek matches.  The fixtures for Sunday are online.  Tables, fixtures and results now updated via the links to the left of the homepage.

A big night in Division 2 for the Tangerine Tavern FC and Tower Lounge FC who now look to be the favourites for the the top two places.  Five points from four games will now be enough for the Boars Head FC to take the Division 3 title after they win away at Hansom Cab whilst rivals Blackpool Lane Ends FC lose away at FC Rangers.  The Sun Inn FC win against CBFC Choices Furniture in Division 4 and still have their eye on third place.

Someone said it was 20 degrees in South Shore today – they clearly were not on Commonedge Road playing fields where the windchill factor kept it well below ten.  In this picture, Real Burlington FC keeper Deano is beaten from the penalty spot as the Tangerine Tavern FC took another step nearer the title as they went on to win the game 3-0.

Division 1

Christ the King 3 – 3 AFC Additions

Highfield Social 1 – 1 Golden Eagle

Spindles 3 – 1 The County

Division 2

Blackpool Catholic Club 0 – 1 Travel Village

Real Burlington 0 – 3 Tangerine Tavern

Tower Lounge 6 – 0 CTK FC

Division 3

Hansom Cab 3 – 6 Boars Head

FC Rangers 2 – 0 Blackpool Lane Ends

FC Kingsfield 1 – 0 AFC Bloomfield

Old England 0 – 6 Mere Park

Division 4

Metrostars 3 – 2 Fylde Coast Gates

The Sun Inn 4 – 1 CBFC Choices Furniture

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