Pitch vandalism (Committee/Fyldesport comment)

Lads, the football pitches of the Fylde are under a constant source of threat from housebuilders, horses, quad bikes, motorcycles, selfish dog owners, fat rugby players etc and complaints are made to the council on our behalf on a regular basis.  So when our own players and supporters drive their cars on to the sides of council pitches at Moor Park, Blackpool Rd St Annes etc and cause damage we look a bit silly.  There's no excuse.  Getting a front row seat in the warm is a bit girlie.  Time to man up and buy a woolly hat ec.  Last warning – in future, the council will take pictures and note the vehicle numbers of the guilty.  These will be passed on to the police and the council will try and recover the costs of any resultant remedial work through the courts.

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