Sportspy Reports – Sunday September 5th 2010

Today saw the second round of this season's Gledhill Cup. There were a good number of ties taking place at Commonedge Road featuring teams from across many of the Divisions.

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Starting on Pitch 1 where Bloomfield Vets FC were looking to continue their 100% winning start to the season.  They were up against Highfield Social FC (Blue) who have been struggling of late.  Highfield gave the Vets a good game but in the end the Vets went through following a 3-0 win.  The sides meet again in the league next week.

The Social defend a corner

Next door on Pitch 2, Division 4 strugglers Waterloo Pub FC were at home to Division 2 high flyers Tower Lounge FC (White).  The Waterloo played very well in this match and made their opponents sweat for a 3-1 victory.  It looks like the Waterloo Pub FC have turned the corner if they can repeat that kind of a performance.

Wrap your foot around it.

Well taken by the Waterloo Pub keeper.

Shinny the Shimmy helps up an opponent.

Sunday football regular out watching the Tower Lounge.  Mark Meehan away as his brother was getting married.  No co-incidence that it was International weekend.

The Tower 'lounge'.

Just kept in

Referee Mr Wiseman

Game on!  The Waterloo player takes it past Tower stopper Dave Snowden to equalise.

Team morale looks to be good at the Waterloo Pub

It's the end of the match for this veteran thanks to a pulled muscle

Scott McCabe places the ball carefully for a penalty.  He put it away.

Over the dyke to Pitch 7 where The Sun Inn FC (Orange) were at home to fellow Division 4 strugglers, Truncheon FC.  As I arrived Truncheon had just scored to make it 3-2.  The Truncheon are still adapting to Sunday football with a group of young players and to be honest they're currently terrible at defending.  They appear at times to have no midfield and for long periods it was a constant wave of pressure from the Sun.  The keeper kept them in it for a while but in the end they crashed to 12-2 defeat.  Keep going Truncheon.

Mr Noon out for a leisurely bike ride.

Another good palm away by the Truncheon keeper.

Pitch 3 and the 'Purples' – Real Burlington FC (Second in Division 2) were hosting Division 3 strugglers St Annes FC who were still looking for their first win of the season.  A good first half effort from St Annes who held the Burlies 1-1 at the break.  However, Burlington stepped up a gear in the second half and cruised to an 8-1 win.

Referee George Robinson

Ex football league referee Barry Oldham alongside league secretary Peter Collins are both interested spectators.

The second half was held up as we all waited for……………..

Burlington's Chris Nay to finish his 'business'.  Great technique by the youngster as he made allowance for the strong cross wind.

He leaves his opponent on his backside.

St Annes FC keeper Greg Levi – badly let down again by 'no shows'.  Poor player commitment at present not doing anybody any favours.

Pitch 4 and DH Gas FC (Second in Division 4) faced an uphill task against Division 1 side Spindles FC who have enjoyed a fine start to the season.  As expected, Spindles FC progressed conforatbly after 5-1 away win.  DH Gas FC in the red.


DH Gas FC manager Lee Ramsden confuses the hell out of his substitute with some late tactical advice.

Referee Mike Mahoney.

Sunday football in four pictures ; a)  The Spindles player looks favourite to win the ball but the Gas player comes away with it fairly.

b) The frustrated Spindles' player lashes out at his opponent from behind and chops him down.

c) The DH Gas FC players step up to take over the role of referee.  Mr Mahoney instructs them all to 'back off'

d) 'Name?'….left alone to do his job, the referee dishes out the yellow card.  No help from DH Gas FC players was necessary.

Quilligans FC striker Micky 'The Animal' Evans begins a four month suspension.  Unbelievable as I've never seen him make a tackle.

Finally, (Sorry I couln't squeeze in the (Shovels game), we had Waterloo Hotspurs FC (10th in Division 4) at home to in-form Blackpool Catholic Colts FC (4th in Division 4).  The Colts in yellow reached Round 3 thanks to a convincing 5-0 away win.

The Colt's keeper sets up play with a long throw.

I think he'd had a bit of a disaster at the local barbers.

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