Discipline secretary ready and waiting.

After a couple of months of frustrating inactivity, BFSFA discipline secretary Glenn Rogerson just can't wait to get back into the habit of deducting points and issuing fines.  Here's a number of important reminders from Glenn that may help you to keep funds/points with your club rather than in the deep pockets of the league committee.

The Rules of the league state that:- 

It shall be a breach of the Rules for a player having signed for one club in the competition, to sign for another club in the competition in that season except for the purpose of a transfer

Please be advised that no player registered prior to the commencement of the season shall be allowed a transfer until five games have been played in the league competition. 

There is NO exception to this rule, once Carole has received the forms then that player is deemed as registered for the club in question. We already have seven players fall foul of this rule so far this season.  If you field one of these players then you will have points deducted and may face further disciplinary action.  The player will also face disciplinary measures. 


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