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As of today, (Sunday), it looks as though the slow death of Sunday football on the Fylde Coast is set to continue.  Last season we started with 80 sides and ended with 73.  As of now, we have only 67 sides and a move from six Divisions to five looks to be on the cards.  Four new sides have entered the BFSFA and four more will be vetted on Wednesday.  Currently, we have a Premier Division of 11 and four Divisions of 14 but if all the four sides are accepted it may change to a Prem Division of 11 and five Divisions of 12 so stay tuned.  All player registration forms to Carole ASAP.  Remember that all clubs must register with the LFA before you can play and that you can't register with the LFA until you've paid off any outstanding fines. Anybody thinking they can get away with it by changing their club name is……………wrong.  Remember that the next meeting is on 29/07 – attendance mandatory.

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