Work On Collins Park

The BFSFA needs your help with the ongoing work at Collins Park. Next Saturday July 10th we need as many bodies down as possible armed with chainsaws, strimmers and lawnmowers to get the areas around the pitch ship-shape for the new season.

Most of The Committee will be down there, with Chairman Nigel Hough in charge of brew-making.  If you have a couple of spare hours and the use of a chainsaw, strimmer or lawn mower, please get down there for about 10am.

They'll need to be petrol powered, unless you have a football-pitch length extension lead.  Members of the teams using the pitch next season – Quilligans, Highfield Social and Highcross – are particularly expected to make an appearance.

League Secretary Pete Collins gets a ride on the tractor kindly lent by AFC Blackpool

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