Sportspy extra – Sunday June 6th 2010

Mick Divaney - RIP

Popular Bispham Hotel landlord Mick Divaney died suddenly two years ago at the age of 57 after contracting Legionella whilst on a break in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt with his wife Sue. Each year since then players with a connection to the popular Bispham pub get together to play a football match in his memory.  The game was played this morning and Fyldesport were invited to attend.  Here are a few pictures from the first half.

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It was supposed to be the old uns versus the young uns but there were few under 35

Today's referee was Peter Lambe

We're away.  A hidden venue at the back of the Squirrel Pub – not many lines and the mower is a stranger to it.

The cultured right boot of 'Stuart 'Braveheart' Todd

Newall 'Mooky' Barratt – James in the background never fails to find a game to join in on.

Tripped over a dandelion

A tight fit


Dave Connor – Bispham Hotel FC manager when they finished in their best ever position (13th in Division 2A)

Liner Helen Lambe stalking forward Les Hewitt from the long grass like a lioness – she kept catching him offside

Don't step off ex Fleetwood Car Centre Fc player Brian Rowlands or he'll cause you damage

Danced around three defenders and coolly finished

'It seemed a good idea at the time but that's enough of that nonsense'

The Reds pull one back to make it 2-1 with a great first time finish into the top corner.

Deadly striker Peter Jones – he won't be happy that I missed capturing his goal

Shouting at defenders but it was contoversially ruled out for offside

Half time

Hewitt (Half time fag in hand) still moaning about the offside decisions

'Just water for me'

On your feet

Afterwards it was back to the Pub for sandwiches and beer.  Well done lads – a fitting tribute

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