Fyldesport.com through the summer

Here's the usual end of season article containing a wide variety of topics.  I wasn't going to write it this time around as it's pretty much the same old rubbish every year but people are already starting to ask questions such as, 'How do I enter a new team?' and 'What Division will we be in?'  Enjoy the break and put your feet up.

Many thanks to the Chief Editor who looks after the technical and financial aspects of running the site leaving me clear to write much of the the content.  Many thanks also to the BFSFA committee especially Carole Cox, Dennis Peters and Chris Giles.  We appreciate their full co-operation in relation to the early provision of results, scorers and fixtures. 

Special thanks to our few remaining sponsors especially 'Pay Football.net' whose financial support keeps this website on-line. We're still looking for a main sponsor for 2010/11 – a bargain price at

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