Top pictures 2009/10 (Part 1)

We start our retrospective look at the 2009/10 season with the first of our selection of 'Top Pictures'.  Kids, Wags, supporters and general watchers are featured first.  Managers, club officials and referees up next.

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11am and the new season begins at Stanley Park

Watching Fleetwood Town FC

How's that Captain Cod?

Watching Fleetwood Town FC from the top of the trees

Lilly Allen

That dog goes to every FC Eden game

One cigar per match only but he watches a lot of matches

C&G manager Shane McKenna and family at Commonedge

Prison warders watch on at Kirkham – they've been watching too much of the film 'Escape to Victory'

Kirkham Lags show their support for Old Town Hall FC

Charlie Giles

Wayne Taylor en route to Wembley to watch Blackpool

Teamsport90 FC fan

Mere Park FC fans

Farmers Arms FC supporters

Trying to keep warm in the snow

Hampton Road supporters with the manager

'Where on earth is your father?'

Nice and warm inside the butty bar

Jimmy Drinkwater out watching Real Burlington FC

Highly recommended in 'Best WAG' category

He agreed

Body language is hereditary

Pouring down at Boundary Park – Bloomfield Vets fans

Tanned Tony Cunliffe just returned from his holiday in the sun

Steve Taylor (Left)

Paris Casino FC supporter

'Our opponents have only turned up with six Carole'

Get yer gun

North West Kitchens FC fans take shelter

Rossall Tavern FC crew

Kinky boots

It walks wherever it wants to

Grady Rogerson

Micky Mellon (Left) with Big Ryan at Boundary Park

The Kitchens

Lost interest in the match

Shirts v Skins

King Edward VII prior to the name change

The twins (right) as well as two babies

FC Loco fans in works vans and beat up cars

Fairhaven FC fans in Lytham tractors

MA2 FC supporter

Lost ball and even Superman's X-ray vision couldn't locate it

Uncle Tom's posse

Darren Spedding away at preston North End

'Snowed off – back to Pilling with no takings and loads of bacon and sausage

West Coast WAGS never watch the football

Cool haircut

Ben Smith

Soon became bored of watching Mythop Leisure FC

Style and elegance

Best seat in the house

FC Eden style

Off the shoulder

Harshly ejected from the pitch

The Devvy boys

Granny Spedding (Left)

FC Eden fans not used to finishing runners up

Helping with the trophies

Skye FC secretary keeping warm

Sportspy 2009/10

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