Results – Wenesday May 12th 2010

Three games tonight at Boundary Park, Commonedge Road and Blackpool Road, St Annes.  Two league titles were finally decided.  The tables on the sister site have been updated as has the Honour's Board.

FC Eden take the Division 1 title but only just.  Each side enjoyed sixteen wins, three draws and three defeats but Eden's goal difference was seven better.  FC Loco went unbeaten at home all season.  Well done to both.  Division 2A was settled by one point at the weekend and tonight Division 2B was settled by the same fine margin after Progress Sports & Social Club FC beat Metrostars to win the title but with a goal difference of plus 100 after notching 123 goals.  Every game counts !!

Wednesday May 12th 2010

Premier Division

Northern Care 1 – 4 Devonshire Arms (Commonedge Road)

Division 1

FC Loco 2 – 1 FC Eden (Blackpool Road, St Annes)

Division 2B

Metrostars 1 – 10 Progress Sports & Social (Boundary Park)

After the dust settles FC Loco (Yellow) have gone 2-0 up after Joel Chappell (Captain) had converted Matty Parr's cross.  A brilliant win from Loco who dominated the game from start to finish

FC Loco fan Thomas Bryce was hoping for a much bigger win

FC Eden manager Scott McNeill still smiling despite a lacklustre performance from his team

'El Loco' keeper Goldberg elects to punch

The sun begins to set on a quality season of Division 1 Sunday Football

'Watch out Premier Division – here we come'   Division 1 title winners FC Eden

Sportspy 2009/10

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