The abuse of officials has to stop.

After ever increasing incidents of abuse against our Sunday league referees here is an important message from the BFSFA committee that is fully supported by  What are you doing about it as a manager/secretary?

In the last few weeks the levels of abuse to referees has increased 10 fold to the point where we have to make players & managers aware of the situation, we have already pulled the registration of 2 players and warned 2 or 3 others that if we have any further reports then they can expect their registrations to be pulled too.

In the last couple of weeks we have had referees threatened to be put in hospital,knocked out,followed home and even been threatened to smash their cars up in the car park, this is simply not acceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.

To all the players that have already been reported you can rest assured that your registration with the BFSFA will not be considered for next season before a personal meeting takes place with the discipline committee, we have a duty of care towards all officials of the league and if we are to encourage them to return year after year then this sort of behaviour must be stamped out immediately.

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