BFSFA Honours – 2009/10

The BFSFA honours list for the 2009/10 Season

BFSFA Champions – Quilligans FC

BFSFA Runners Up – Poulton SFC

Division 1 Champions – FC Eden

Division 1 Runners Up – FC Loco

Division 2A Champions – West Coast Tackle Postal FC

Division 2A Runners Up – Great Eccleston FC

Division 2B Champions – Progress Sports & Social FC

Division 2B Runners Up – Highfield Social FC

Division 3A Champions – Real Burlington FC

Division 3A Runners up – Falcon FC

Division 3B Champions – The Golden Eagle FC

Division 3B Runners up – C&G Electrical FC

42nd Gledhill Cup Winners – Poulton SFC

42nd Gledhill Cup Runners up – Quilligans FC

Premier/Division 1 Cup winners – Quilligans FC 

Premier/Division 1 Cup runners up – FC Eden 

Division 2 Cup winners – Spindles FC

Division 2 Cup runners up – Progress Sports & Social FC

Division 3 Cup winners – FC Edge 

Division 3 Cup runners up – Ashiana FC

Sportspy 2009/10

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