Sportspy Reports – January 31st 2010

The last day of January 2010 surprised many people across the Fylde as they awoke to a thick covering of hail. Still, the pitches underneath were deemed soft enough to play at Commonedge Road, Blackpool.  The pitch markings could be seen and by 11am nine games in League and Cup were underway in decent conditions.

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First things first……..time for a steaming hot cup of tea

'Sweeper'………..Brian Croft clears the lines at Collins Park in preparation for the match but gets a round of applause for his trouble

First up was the Division 3B league fixture between CB Choice Furniture FC and SPS FC (Blue).  Pretty even for the first ten minutes but in the end fast improving SPS FC romped home to an 8-0 win.

Isherwood slides through the ice – it's not for girls

Gordon Mason (Left)

Good to see the orange ball in the snowy conditions

SPS FC keeper Ian Chapman does the Burgess

Matty Wannell (5) is clean through, bends his shot past the keeper but it skimmed the bar and went over

Good to see Dilworth return after  his broken leg

On pitch 5 we had the Division 2A match between Waterloo Sports & Social FC (Light blue and white stripes) and MA2 FC.  The visitors looked confident after last week's first win of the season and in the end both teams played out a creditable 2-2 draw.

Well somebody go for it!

MA2 FC throw

A good leap

 Here's a couple of minutes of live action for those that are interested.

Waterloo keeper

'Free kick surely ref?'

Referee Rick Parr

New Ansdell FC signing Kevin Kennerley takes things easy on the sidelines

On Pitch 4 home side AFC Marton (Red) were hosting the Boars Head FC in Division 2B.  Marton's recent poor form continued as they were well beaten this morning.  8-0 was the final scoreline.

That's a foul

AFC Marton manager Lee Ramsden

Referee Callum Sharp – I've still not forgiven him for ruling out a Wren Rovers goal yesterday where he was the liner

Preparing for a hand stand


On pitch 3 the Mere Park FC (Yellow) were at home to the Number 4 Pub FC in Division 2B.  Mere Park managed to score four but still ended up on the losing side as the Number 4 hit six in reply.

A rare goal for the Number 4 skipper

A goal for the Mere Park provokes a bizarre celebration

Arty as the sun tries to break through the clouds at Commonedge Road

The Mere Park struggle to defend.  Here's a good example.  They try to play offside (Well most of them) from a free-kick but the experienced forward line of the Number 4 time it right.

The forward converts, the keeper gets his punch wrong and the defender gets caught in the net

Back to the training ground midweek

Mark Meehan

'Our Ball !!!'

Referee Brian Ward……………'How are the Devvy getting on?'

On to Pitch 2 where the Hampton Road Social Club were at home to FC Talbot.  Another defeat for Hampton as FC Talbot (Blue) returned to winning ways in Division 2A with a 5-0 away win.

The frozen wasteland

Half time team talk for Hampton

'Ice Man' Referee Dave Connor

Pretty Hampton supporter

Pleasantly offsetting the scary Hampton management team

Hampton start the second half

Young Michael

FC Talbot keeper comes up with the ball

Hampton Keeper Monty is deceived by a long range effort


FC Talbot celebrate


The Hampton player demonstrates the correct finishing position from a throw-in.  The liner does not.


Hampton on the attack but the Talbot keeper rises highest to collect the corner.

Pitch 1 hosted Division 3 Cup action.  The Stable Bar FC were at home to Ashiana FC (Purple).  3B side Ashiana were well on top today as they progressed with a 9-1 win.

Natty headgear being sported by the Ashiana supporters

Looks of anguish and horror

What's it like when the wind's blowing?

Phillipson Peltier (Left) far too good for the Stable Bar defence this morning.  In the above picture he scores another

Snow clearance on the airport's main runway

He shot wide

Two weeks ago this keeper was in the thick mud at wesham, this week it's the snow at Commonedge

'Give us a piggy back'

Across the dyke long time rivals Farmers Arms FC (Red) and FC Kingsfield were also meeting in the Cup. Once again the Division 3B side came out on top with a 4-1 win

On arrival the Farmer's Steve Taylor scored a quality goal from the edge of the box to make it 1-3.  Kingsfield's Darren Atkinson retrieves the ball for his keeper. 

Wayne Taylor (Right)

At last, the sun is out

Over the bar

Farmer's mangager Dave Hall's birthday isn't getting off to the best of starts

The Farmer's corner flag……………someone's mum is missing a clothes prop

The Farmers defend the corner

Farmer's supporter

On Pitch 7 J&S Auto Body Repairs FC were at home to AFC Ansdell Excelsior in the Division 3 Cup.  J&S (Blue) exited the competition after suffering a 5-0 defeat.

Ansdell FC defend (Martin Percival in goal)

Danny Garth (Right)

J&S pick it out of the back of the net

Referee Kelvin Dyson has followed everyone's advice and bought some glasses

Winter football at the Edge

Kevin Kennerley

'Where on earth is your father?'  'Dunno, I can't see him'

Nearing the end and it's Collins Park for the dying moments of the Premier Division match between Quilligans FC (Blue) and Fylde Coast Gates.  Quills won 6-1 to go third in the table.

The Fylde Coast Gates kit reminds of a humbug that's stuck in the bottom of my coat pocket

When son James isn't blagging free juice from Carole in the clubhouse he's in the Quills dugout giving Mr Spedding advice on substitutions

The hole in the roof needs fixing


In the dying seconds Micky Evans shrugs off Robbie Slater but as he kicks it referee John Hay blows up for full time.  Evans scores but it's chalked off

Stumpy gives an evil grin as if he appeared to enjoy Evans' disappointment.  That's ref's for you.

But what if we lose the title by a single goal on goal difference?'  Quill's secretary Jim Provan has a chat with Mr Hay


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