Snow day – January 6th 2010

Working from home , the schools are closed and the kids are off as are most of this weekend's games.  Here's a brief pitch inspection from Commonedge, AFC Blackpool and Blackpool Wren Rovers. 

The old 'all weather pitch' alongside the Commonedge changing block – I hear that Fleetwood Town FC are considering its acquisition (Rumour only)

Commonedge – no sign of any thaw and the pitches still frozen underneath from Sunday

School's closed – I set him 35 questions on grammar, sums, fractions, Eastern European capitals and English football grounds.  He did well but didn't know who played at Brunton Park so no Playstation all day.

Fresh air in wide open spaces

Failing to keep two hands on the ball – poor.

AFC Blackpool

Virgin snow but resisted the temptation

The Gledhill end

Blackpool Wren Rovers FC – It's seen only one first team match since the end of October

Sportspy 2009/10

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