Sportspy Reports – Sunday November 29th 2009

Once again, live football along the Fylde Coast was in very short supply due to the continuing wet weather.  But where it does take place you'll find  Blackpool Road, St Annes was the only Sunday footballing venue to survive the elements this weekend.  Those that ventured out had three games initially to choose from.  Here are a few pictures from the Division 1 match between FC Loco and the Fairhaven FC.

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Cold and dark in St Annes this morning – far from ideal conditions for the camera.  Unusually, the strong breeze was blowing from the East.  The Fairhaven had the advantage of the wind in the first half and had all of the possession and most of the chances but it was FC loco who scored the only goal of the half completely against the run of play.  A Joel Chappell long ball found Chris Smith who turned Duerden and finished well.  In the second half it was mostly FC Loco going forward and this combined with a strong and resolute defence allowed FC Loco to maintain the 1-0 lead, take all three points and go top of the table.

Autoweld FC only turned up with four players this morning.  Division 2A opponents FC Talbot already kitted up made the most of it with a brief game of volleys and headers (Tom Bool in goal for a change)

The Fairhaven (White) go close early on as a wind assisted free kick hits the bar.

El Loco – Steve Coles

Monkey's point!

Gloves! – Big softie

Mr Cropp lectures a couple of FC Loco players

The hard core are out watching in the freezing cold

Wee Willie Winkie – Referees' secretary Dave Connor in the appalling head gear.

He's lost his curls – Loco skipper Joel Chappell

Barry Cropp – the only referee in Sunday football who gets thinner every week

Goldberg gathers it – nothing squirms loose from under there.

The boy took it well in the nuts – that's all you need on a day like this.

Fairhaven manager dishes out a half time rollicking to his troops.

FC loco fans (Chavs) watch on in a mixture of builder's vans and hot hatches

On the other side of the pitch Fairhaven fans (Toffs) watch on in Lytham tractors.  “I spent the weekend doing a bit of offroading” – probably the first time those tyres have encountered any surface other than tarmac.  NO vehicles should be on the field!

Fairhaven's best chance for an equaliser but Chappell gets back to hoof it off the line

Tom Duerden

Matthew Parr on the charge

Good judgement by the Fairhaven defender as the wasted corner goers straight into the side netting

Young Sporty bored with the second half entertains himself with some 'tagging'

Chappell gets a bang on the head

The game's over and FC Loco win 1-0 to go top of the league

A collector's item as referee Barry Cropp's 'Book' is devoid of names at the end of the game.  Not much money heading the way of the LFA this morning.

Sportspy 2009/10

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