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Back in the early 80's I remember Commonedge Road being out of action for a month or so following a very heavy downfall of snow but never can I remember the venue being shut down due to rain for three Sundays in one month.  Something's amiss.

Sportspy speaks:

This article represents my view and not that of the Blackpool & Fylde Sunday Football Alliance.

At 09:30 this morning all eight pitches at Commonedge Road were undoubtedly fit to play in my opinion.  They were firm with absolutely no standing water anywhere to be seen.  Even the centre of Pitch 6 and the airport end of Pitch 8, the only troublesome spots at the venue, were both in tip top condition.  Experience tells me that the pitches at Commonedge Road only need four or five hours to completely recover from the worst of downpours as the water sinks right through the sandy base and into the ditches.  The pitches do not cut up, the goal mouths do not cut up.  The pitches can easily take a game in the morning and a junior game in the afternoon and still remain in excellent condition.

There has been some talk of games being off because the Council cannot get on the venue to mark out the lines but as you can see from the pictures below all of the pitches are adequately marked.  AFC Blackpool have had no issues in marking out the pitches and a thousand yards across the runway at Blackpool Road, St Annes the Council have had no problem getting games played on exactly the same surface. 

Let's get the weekend football programme back on at Commonedge Road and Boundary Park where the drainage is excellent.

The only football to be seen at Commonedge Road this morning.  “Why are all of the games off Dad?”……………”Beats me son.”  A perfect Pitch 6 crying out for some action.

Pitches eight and seven across the dyke clearly marked out.  An excellent surface for football.

All of the goalmouths full of grass with no standing water.

Three weeks without football and the moles are in danger of taking over Pitch 1.  They're missing the heavily stamped boot of Andy Gouck.

Pitches 4 and 5 – Once again you can see that they're both adequately marked out. A 'gun metal sky' as Stephen King might say.

Collins Park – Surely fit enough to host the Highfield Social v Northern Care Gledhill Cup clash?

Sportspy 2009/10

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