It’s the end for Gennars FC

Every season the BFSFA committee carries out vetting procedures on prospective new teams in an attempt to weed out the men from the boys, the committed from the wasters.  This season they unusually failed in this task by allowing new side Gennars FC to join our famous league. They repaid the committee by failing to pay one single penny in fees, by paying no insurance, by refusing to join the LFA and by only registering eleven players despite fielding seventeen players in their four matches – all defeats.  The league have lost money on this – your league.  The results of Gennars FC have been expunged and the table on the sister site amended which has had a particular negative effect on AFC Ansdell Excelsior who are six points worse off.  It's not for girls!   More news expected next week on the fate of St Annes FC.

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