Sportspy Reports – Sunday November 1st 2009

Terrible conditions overnight and early morning resulted in a late postponement of today's featured Lancashire Sunday Trophy tie between Quilligan's FC and Copperpot FC.  This meant a late dash to Boundary Park to call in on two of only twelve games that survived the weather.

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On Pitch 3 we had the two bottom sides in Division 1 as Paris Casino FC (Blue) were at home to GE Rushworth FC (Previously known as the Golden Eagle).  Both managers were complaining of four or five weak and feeble players who refused to answer their phones and instead stayed in bed.  No moral fibre these players of today.  Something that would never have happened in my day.  Poor pictures but they did improve as the light got better.  It was 1-1 at the break and with the wind initially behind them at the start of the second half GE Rushworth FC looked favourites to take the points but in the end Paris Casino FC romped to a 4-1 victory.

We start with the opening goal for Paris Casino FC.  Rushworth keeper Morrell initially pulls off a decent save from a free kick but from the resultant Chris Jackson corner kick he's beaten by the swirling wind as the ball goes over everyone's head and into the far corner.  1-0

Ben Oldendorp (Left)

Paris Casino FC manager Archie Harrison retrieves the ball from the flats.  He never quite recovered.


The first game back for Jason Nuttall after his long absence but he's still managed to maintain his good looks.

Offside – just there.

The whistle's already gone for offside so there's no way Morrell's wasting any energy diving for it.  He surely has the biggest gloves in Sunday football.

Daniel Davies.  I've given it a lot of thought but apart from a fashion statement or a good luck charm I have absolutely no idea what purpose the red headband serves.

Struggling with the brolly

GE Rushworth FC equalise just before the break.  1-1

Early in the second half

'Climbing ref surely!'… play on shouts referee Sandy Gear

GE Rushworth FC chairman Dave Perry

Lone WAG in the background

The Casino celebrate one of three second half goals

Only 'Hardcore WAGS' out watching Sunday football this morning.  This Paris Casino FC fan overjoyed at having her picture taken.

Kinky wellies for all you fellow foot fetishists out there

Next door on Pitch 4 we had North West Kitchens FC hosting FC Matrix.  The kind of game you hide behind the sofa to watch.  In the end this was a cracking Division 1 fixture that attracted a fair sized crowd of people who were left without a game.  In the first half underdog's Kitchen's took the lead against the wind following a deflected free kick from 25 yards.  We join the match as the half time break approaches.

The Kitchens are in the blue

FC Matrix had lots of excellent possession and created a whole host of chances but resolute defending and misplaced finishing meant that they couldn't find the net.  In this picture Marco Cobb draws the keeper but as ex discipline secretary Dave Hall watches on his shot went inches wide of the post.  1-0 to the Kitchens at the break.

James Taylor was the unenvied referee who was allocated this tasty appointment.  Brothers Wayne (right) and Steve are on hand to offer some moral support (Not that any were needed)

Farmers Arms' manager Dave Hall (Left) and referee Dale Harvey both left without games this morning are still out and about for a fix of Sunday football in the driving rain.

North West Kitchens FC supporters up in the Argosy Stand.

Not long into the second half and FC matrix go very close from a free kick.

The second half wasn't very old when we had controversy.  FC Matrix keeper Adam Pennington jumps for a high ball whilst Tim Kinley just stood his ground.  The ball was spilled and Killer Kinley gratefully gobbled up the opportunity to put the Kitchens 2-0 up.  The crowd went wild………………..

KInley finds the net.

..and so did Pennington who thought that he'd been wronged. As Kinley receives congratulation Pennington's off for a chat with referee Taylor complaining about being impeded.

Pennington has his say – James Taylor shows the yellow card so he couldn't have said anything nice.

'Get back in yer goals you bloody idiot'

The sun is out and with it is is Tim's torso

The game's turning point as a needless foul in the box as the Matrix forward was going away from goal led to a penalty.  Marco Cobb (Far left) converted. 1-2

Adam Pennington (Matrix keeper)

Russell Perrett – he'll be bald as a coot by age 40

Tim Kinley (Left) and Tony Pearson get a good grip of each other's shirts.

Referee James Taylor handled the game very well in my opinion

As soon as the rain stopped players were complaining about the sun in their eyes


FC Matrix manager Paul Cobb

Fixtures' secretary Carole Cox far from happy as she faced a frantic afternoon of fixture re-arranging due to this morning's postponements.

Jordan Cobb

Pearson in the thick of it once again

If ever a bolt of lightning was required it was right now as all of's trouble makers were gathered in one place on wet grass.  FC Matrix, the Kitchens, Quills and Skye (An unholy alliance), Devvy Arms, FC Eden and the ex keeper of Ward Heating FC.  All we were short of were a couple of Blackpool Rangers officials.

Jason Mcuish.  Note the Mere Park FC substitute who has to take the prize for the worst ever Sunday football gear in the league's long history.

Jon Simmons

Preparing for the throw.  A large and rare puddle at Boundary Park.  Surely a magnet for some crazy fool.

Anthony Pearson

A quick prayer.

Martin Cardwell is replaced

Moments later and FC Matrix equalise.  Paul Cobb celebrates behind the goal.  2-2

With both the ascendency and the strong wind behind them (After completely changing around) FC Matrix scored a decisive third.  An unselfish cross from the right found in-form Marco Cobb who slotted it under the advancing keeper.  3-2

Marco Cobb (Top right) celebrates what turned out to be the winner by giving some back to the army of detractors on the line.  FC Matrix keeper Adam Pennington (Puddled) decides to go for a lunchtime swim in the Boundary Park puddle.

A late scare for FC Matrix as the Kitchens go close.  Well gathered by Peno.

and well gathered by Rimmo at the other end

Handshakes all round.  Well reffed by James Taylor.  A great game of hard-fought Sunday football in testing conditions.  Well worth the effort for everyone who turned out this morning.  Shame on those that bottled it and stayed in bed.

Sportspy 2009/10

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