Snaps From The Gate – Sunday 25th October 2009

Wind and rain forced us under cover today, to Squires Gate FC, the Sunday home of No.4 Hotel FC as they faced AFC Marton in a Division 2B clash.

Plenty of pressure from No.4 as they outplayed Marton. Conditions didn't help though, plenty of passes and shots going astray.

An extra hour this morning and he still can't find the time to shave


No. 4's No. 9 Mark Meehan, clean through and slicing wide

Strong bench for No.4. New star signing Matt Derby is in the middle in the big shorts

Opening goal for No. 4, scored by Mark Truby (11)

Ian Nicholls wishes he had that much hair

No. 4 skipper Chris Topham

Marc Green flattens a Marton forward, stonewall penalty

Green can't quite believe it, but the Referee calls it correctly. Marton score for 1-1

Mark Truby on the ball

No. 4 Top Scorer Mark Meehan (right)

Matt Derby makes a half-time appearance

On the scoresheet after a few minutes, Matt Derby (right)

Having Meehan and Derby in your team can have it's disadvantages. No. 4 Manager Chris Wilson  having to scale walls to retrieve the odd shot blasted high and wide

Derby put through but a good save




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