League rules – There may have been some very minor changes but they're mostly correct

1          (A) This Competition shall be designated the Blackpool and Fylde Sunday Football Alliance Ltd. League.
            All such Member Clubs must be affiliated to an affiliated County Football Association and their names and particulars shall be returned annually by the appointed date on the Form “D” to the Lancashire County Football Association. The area covered by the Competition Membership shall be of a reasonable travelling distance to the Fylde.
            This Competition shall apply annually for sanction to the Lancashire Football Association and the constituent teams of Member Clubs may be grouped in divisions, each not exceeding 14 in number.
            Member Clubs shall not enter any of their teams playing in the Competition in any other Competitions (with the exception of F.A. and County F.A. Competitions) except with the written consent of the Management Committee of the Competition.
            (B) At the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose, a majority of the delegates present shall have power to decide or adjust the compilation of the divisions at their discretion.  When necessary this Rule shall take precedence over Rule 12.
2.         (A) Applications by Clubs for admission to this Competition or the entry of an additional team(s) must be made in writing to the Secretary and must be accompanied by a completed Application Form.
            At the discretion of a majority of the accredited voting members present applications, of which due notice has been given, may be received at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.
            (B) The Annual Subscription shall be

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