Talk To Frank – He needs your Sunday stories

Following the much-mourned departure of our friend Mike Young from The Evening Gazette's fine body of sports journalistic excellence, our local paper have asked the BFSFA if they would mind providing a weekly written review of Sunday action.  Step forward new Committee member Frank Kennedy, who has kindly volunteered to provide the prose. BUT, he needs all our help, read on…

The last few years of sunday football coverage in our local newspaper have been disappointing. Time after time stories have been spun to cast a slur on our fine local sport. It seemed to me and others that rarely did a week go by without some dig or other. Seldom did the BFSFA receive any favourable reporting, usually it had to bear negativity and grubby scandal-hunting.

This lack of positive coverage was indeed one of the inspirations to set up in the first place, to try and redress the balance. Well, with Mike Young now retired The Gazette have asked the League to provide a weekly report which they will print on Thursdays.

In conjunction with BFSFA Press Secretary Carole Cox, new Committee member Frank Kennedy has volunteered to write the report, but requires YOUR input. Tales of hat-trick heroes, debuts, special occasions, wonder goals and amazing results will help to promote your club, your players, your sponsors and the League in the correct light.

TALK TO FRANK on 01253 304602, 07890 672397, or email on  Obviously Frank will also be sending his prose to for you to enjoy online too!

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