Results – Wednesday August 19th 2009.

Courtesy of the BFSFA here are this evening's classified results.  There was a full programme in Division's 3A and 3B.  The tables on the sister site have been updated.  Also included are a few pictures from tonight's Division 3A fixture between St Annes Ex Service FC and FC Rangers FC that was played at Lytham YMCA.

Champs thrashed by Northern Care FC who go top.

Action from the Lytham YMCA where St Annes Ex Service FC (Yellow) were hosting new side FC Rangers.  Rangers took the points with a narrow 1-0 away win.  More pictures at the foot of the results.

BFSFA Results 19 August 2009

Interested spectators.

James trying to get the best view.  I keep telling him the urban myth about the hard shot that dislodged a peg and flew through the eye and into the brain of a kid that sat too close to the back of the net but he never listens.

Good tackle.

The ref missed this one.

St Annes Ex co manager Rick Melling – the famous 'tache is starting to go grey.

Half time chat for FC Rangers.  0-0 the scoreline

McKenzie Jenkinson – 'Smile for the camera!'

Bad light stops pictures as the edges begin to blur.

Sportspy 2009/10

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