Sportspy Reports – Sunday August 16th 2009.

Moor Park, Bispham was this morning's venue where new side King Edward VII FC were hosting SPS FC in the first round of this season's Gledhill Cup competition.  Previous incarnations of King Edward VII FC had won this famous competition in 1989/90 and 1991/92 so it was good to see the famous Pub back in action in the BFSFA.

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The truly disappointing statistic from last season was that the BFSFA committee were forced to award 1-0 wins in a staggering thirty-one fixtures.  Contrary to popular opinion only a small minority of the games in question could not be fulfilled due to LFA suspension for non-payment of fines.  Instead, most 1-0 wins had to be awarded because clubs were unable to fulfil fixtures due to the apathy of players and the clubs themselves.  Why clubs pay all that money to join the BFSFA and then stay home on a Sunday morning has always been a bit of a mystery. 

You expect the odd game where teams cannot produce eleven players on a Sunday morning because players are hung over or have recently started talking to girls but not that many surely.

Many of the games in question came toward the end of the season when clubs perceive that THEY have nothing to play for so simply can

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