Snaps From mechs – Div 1 – Northern Care Reserves v Fairhaven – Weds 12th August 2009

Snaps from Mechanics, the home of AFC Blackpool, as Northern Care Reserves took on Fairhaven in Division One of the BFSFA.


An early grapple

Terry “I’m 37 now you know” Green

Paul Simpson, looking more like a mid 70’s German porn star every season

Northern Care keeper Tommy Baldwin with a string of quality saves in the first half

37 plus VAT?

Wayne Maden opened the scoring on 35 mins with a low drive from the edge of the area

Robbo – catch me if you can…

Just before half-time Fairhaven equalised from a corner, 1-1. A fair scoreline.

2 quickfire goals early in the second half from Fairhaven put them firmly in control, 1-3

Ouch ouch ouch ouch…

“Simmo you’ll never believe what that big brute just did to me…”

Encouraged to shoot, Elvis (no. 4) does just that and scores for 2-3

A final fourth goal for Fairhaven settled the contest at 2-4. NC Reserves should win more often than not this season depending on what team they can put out but Fairhaven are a quality side looking destined for the Prem next season.


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