Final deadline approaches.

Message from the BFSFA:  As of this morning, and according to the LFA website, fifteen of our clubs have still not registered despite all the previous advice.  The cut off date to cancel pitches is Wednesday.  If the following clubs cannot provide evidence that they've registered with the LFA by noon on Wednesday then the pitches will be cancelled and the clubs mentioned will face disciplinary action for failing to fulfil a fixture.

If you are one of the fifteen clubs listed and you're either of the opinion that you're already registered, wish to take imediate steps to register or for whatever reason are refusing to register please contact Peter Collins on 764357 at the earliest opportunity.

In addition, today Saturday, is the final day clubs have to submit twelve player registration forms to Dennis Peters.  If he doesnt have them by today then any non compliant clubs will face a fine.  Finally, all clubs are reminded that if they haven't paid their insurance monies to the league then they will be unable to compete in the BFSFA until they have done so.

The fifteen clubs who the BFSFA are yet to see any evidence of them registering with the LFA are;

Ansdell FC
Berry's Beds FC
Clarence Hotel FC
FC Kingsfield
FC Matrix
Fireplace Superstore FC
Frenchman's Cove FC
Fleetwood Kings FC
ydronics FC
King Edward VII FC
Score Football FC
Skye FC
Squirrel FC
Trades & Social FC
Ward Heating FC

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