Anyone for the Premier Division?

Message from Carole Cox.  Firstly, a reminder to all clubs that tonight (Thursday) is the BFSFA AGM.  (See 'BFSFA News' article for further information).  Secondly, as of now we only have ten teams listed in the Prem for next season.  It's possible that twelve new sides could be joining the BFSFA with only a handful having resigned folded over the summer.  This means that clubs will have to move up to accommodate them all as I can't envisage the creation of another Division.  With this in mind if you fancy a challenge in the Premier Division either call or E-Mail Carole on 764788/  Additionally, if you're the manager of any other club and you fancy playing in a higher Division please contact Carole with your sensible suggestions.  Do NOT call Carole asking 'what Division' are we in at this time as you're likely to be shouted at.

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