Top pictures – 2008/09 season (Part 2)

Here's our second selection of favourite photographs from the 2008/09 season.  This is the 'back story' to Fylde Coast Sunday football looking at all of the people who are out and about watching week in, week out in all kinds of weather.  Next we're on to the action on the pitch.


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Lovely fingernails.

Charlie Giles streaming in the bitter Commonedge winds.

Couldn't wait until after the match.

C&G Electrical Wags

Kirsty – The Falcon FC.

Mystery tattoo

FC Newton supporters.

Player 'A' may be very elusive during the week but they always know where to find him on a Sunday morning.

Pink, yellow, blue – 'You've got my blanket'.

Roll up.


Not for girls – The Layton Squad staying in the bus until 1 minute before kick-off

'Out playing footie with my mates'

The Ashall kids a regular feature at most Halfway House FC fixtures (Safe on the back of the opposition net).

Put your foot through it.

Wayne Binks tried to keep his injured foot dry in St Annes.

A hard frost at the 'Edge so time to make your own entertainment.

Son James and pal Hayden (Below) out on the 'Edge most Sundays at 9am all through the winter acclimatising for when they're old enough to play.

No game.

John McNicholas in 'that hat'.

Laying the golden egg.

FC Kingsfield.

Mythop Leisure FC supporter Ben Smith.

'One Cadbury's button for you and another one for you.'


West Coast supporters – probably the worst dressed in the Alliance.

'Karate kid'.

C&G Electrical FC fan Molly McKenna.

Miles and Kirton.

Uncle Carl with Harry.

Wow.  Not many were watching the match.

'My ball !'

'Worse for wear'

Brian and Maureen in their BFSFA T Shirts.  It's always an early start every Sunday morning from over Wyre to have the butty van up and running at Commonedge for 9am.

Bloomfield Vets FC supporters.

MA2 FC follower.

Rio Louth.

'Why won't she answer my texts?'

Julie G – good legs…………………for her age.  Fifty not far away.

Jake Standaloft.

Mrs Spedding with her boy Mark.


'Watch my magic trick with the hat.'

Harry Spedding.

Sportspy 2008/09

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