BFSFA Applications

Some clubs have not yet submitted their applications to play in the BFSFA for 2009/10. It is imperative that these are completed and returned as soon as possible.

Completed forms can be emailed to Peter Collins at

if you are delaying because you are unsure what your team name might be for the coming season due to sponsor changes etc., don't! Get the form in now and just inform Peter of the correct name before the new season's fixtures are worked out at the beginning of July, there won't be a charge.

You will need to have submitted your form before you can collect any Player Registration Forms. Be warned, several clubs left it late last summer to find that several of their players had been snapped up by other clubs!You can download the Application Form by clicking here for the PDF version or here for the Word version.

You are also reminded that you must also complete your LFA Registration Form for 09/10.

If you have not yet received one of these, email the LFA on

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