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Fyldesport reports on the build-up to the biggest game of the season, The Gledhill Trophy Final, playing tomorrow night at Bloomfield Road.

The Squads for the Gledhill Final:


Andy Speight, Stephen Brooks, Jordan Douthwaite, Stuart Bracewell, Jordan Spedding, Dan Sutton, Kevan Ford, Sam Gorrie, Dean Fulford, Jazz Davis, Geoff Wilson, Martin Baird, Scott Sugden, Danny Rowe, Peter Taberner, Liam Frend, Robbie Boal (C).


Greg White, Mick Holden, Matt Derby, Danny King, Martin Ogier, Chris Leigh, Marlon Bradley, Paul Bromley, Kevin Beesting, Mark Ashall, Wayne Gardiner, Jamie Hughes, Darren Dickinson, Tim Kinley, Martin Cardwell, Andy Baker, Gavin Hughes (C).


Mark Hughes.


Dave Wolfenden and Lee Willetts.


John McNicholas.


Fleetwood Town Under-13's.

Halfway House scored an early result over the holders by gazumping them and booking The De Vere for Friday.  Apparently Sped was aghast and was forced to make other arrangements.  The lucky Quilligans squad all have the day off work and will be enjoying an early lunch at a fashionable Italian eatery followed by golf, massages, sauna, a quick hair appointment and finally afternoon tea at Quilligans Cafe Bar.

Meanwhile the Halfway lads have decided not to use The De Vere and have instead opted for a friday afternoon session at The Marton Institute. “A few beers, a frame or two of snooker and a couple of packets of crisps should sort it” said one squad member this evening.

Quilligans players Scott Sugden and Danny Rowe will face late fitness tests, plus they will be missing Steve Palmer and Phil Thompson – both needed by AFC Fylde for their title showdown on Saturday.  The whereabouts of missing Quilligans winger Lee Conway have been a mystery for most of the season but it has finally come to light that he has been hiding up Frendy's jumper!

Stalwart Stuart Bracewell has a new job in the casino, he says “if you can't beat them, join them!”  Club secretary Jim Provan has been fitted with a tag by his missus Jessie following his disappearing act whilst on the club tour in Germany pre-season.  After all, the last time a Scotsman was found aimlessly wandering the streets of Bottrop he'd been shot down by the Luftwaffe.

Key Halfway defender Michael Swift is definitely out of the final after failing to recover from an ankle injury sustained in the semi. “It will make Bromley pull his finger out though”, said Swifty, “without me there to cover for him!”

Rumours are rife that Kevin Beesting will give into the admiration shown year after year from Layton Institute followers and leave the Halfway House after 3 succesful years.  “The Beast” denies all rumours but Braveheart has commented that it

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