BFSFA Presentation Night

The BFSFA Presentation Night is at Layton Institute on the evening of Thursday 14th May. League winners, Runners-up and other award winners will all be there for what promises to be a great night. Fyldesport has also planned a little surprise for you all.

Attendees are requested to be at Layton Institute by 8.00pm. It might be “fashionable” for some teams to be late but please try to be there on time.  At 8.00pm Fyldesport will present the TOP 500 PHOTOGRAPHS of this season and beyond, featuring managers, players, referees, supporters and WAGs!

At 9.00pm a top local comedian will perform. Any topical gags may be emailed to Following due consideration of potential slander suits by the comic's legal team these will be included in the routine.  Following this the Committee and VIP Guests will present the trophies to the deserving recipients.

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