Snaps From The Premier Division Cup Final – Sunday 19th April 2009.

Extra snaps from today's Premier Division Cup Final at Fleetwood Town FC between Quilligans FC and Red Rose Catering.

Jordan Spedding (left) of Quilligans

The Quills Bench

Sean Slater, warming up for the Jollies Reuniion match in memory of Daz Smith

Smiffy with a vital early save

Kevan Ford puts the bite on Lee Impett

Andy Speight gets there first

Taberner wins the challenge

Carl and Daz Spedding left holding the baby. “We'll do a deal bro, you change the nappy and I'll do the feeding.”

Referee Ayre waves play on as Impett strikes

3 WAGS missed by Sportspy, didn't want to leave them out…

No sympathy for Jordan from Mr. Ayre

John Beavers

Speighty was kept busy

Into the second half, Smith with a punch

Slater goes close at the other end

Oh dear, oh dear, these chuckle brothers won't be happy…

Opening goal for Red Rose as John Beavers' free kick finds the net

Celebrations in front of the Quills bench

Robbie Boal, rumoured to have built an extension just to house his Sunday League trophies

Carl Faber scores the equaliser

Some of the ex-Jollies players, ready for their reunion match

Finals instructions to the subs from Sped

A cracking volleyed goal to win the match, the Red Rose scorer shows a strange taste in underwear

Red Rose Catering FC, Premier Division Cup Winners 2008/09

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