Snaps From Boundary – Sunday March 29th 2009

Out at a fresh Boundary Park, Layton this morning to snap some action from the two cup semi-finals on offer.  Devonshire Arms faced cup specialists Red Rose Catering in the Premier Division Cup whilst Ward Heating played FC Loco in the Division 1 Cup.


Devonshire Arms in white playing Red Rose Catering. Red Rose going for their 5th successive Cup Final appearance

Joel Chappell of FC Loco gets a ticking off and a yellow from Lee Willetts for an over-exuberant challenge in Ward’s box

Two minutes later the wearer of the tightest pair of shorts on Boundary Park was celebrating opening the scoring

Craig Byrom of FC Eden had just hit the post with a cracking strike. Referee James Taylor was explaining how he would have buried it

Grumpy blending into the crowd

Goal for Red Rose, far post header. 2-0 at half time

Ref Mark Hughes

At 11:45 a stray Wrea Green player turned up, fully kitted out, obviously unaware that his team’s game had been moved to Collins Park, or that the clocks had gone forward an hour. There’s always one…

I wonder if he got down to the Edge for extra time?

2-1 down, under-strength Ward Heating were battering on the door, but FC Loco had shut up shop

Meanwhile Devvy had gone 4-0 down to impressive Red Rose

Goldberg collects from Barney

Looks like handball… Disallowed by Ref Hughes

Couple of members of the Blackpool Rangers mafioso out for a stroll


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