Fyldesport Under 21’s lose to the Scots.

A brief match summary and a couple of pictures from Saturday afternoon's friendly against the visiting team from Scotland.

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Visiting side Letham Lads FC from Perthshire came to Collins Park, Blackpool on a cold and windy March afternoon.  They had a squad of twenty players mostly under the age of twenty-one and with referee Colin Reidy's permission used roll on roll off substitutions in order to give everyone a piece of the action. 

Due to mumps, a neck injury and disrespectful no-shows from Nathan Jefferson and Russell Perretts' North West Kitchen's players Chris Brooke and John Whittle we only had eleven players at the kick off time of 2pm and one of those was carrying an injury.  After a quick warm up we introduced the players to each other for the first time and manager for the day Barney Woolcock arranged them into a starting eleven.  Unsurprisingly we were 2-0 down after thirty minutes and despite Liam Jenks pulling a goal back we went into the half time break 3-1 down.

Two Oxford FC spectators kindly went home and got their boots and came on for the second half.  Going up the hill in the second half the team played brilliantly as they started to gel.  There was some good football played on the deck and we laid siege to the visitors goals but a combination of poor finishing, over complicated play around the box but most of all good goalkeeping kept us out.  With twenty minutes left Barney brought himself on and soon made it 3-2.  We then pushed forward for an equaliser but as time ran out we lost our shape at the back leaving big gaps which Letham exploited with two late goals making the final scoreline 5-2 to Letham.

For a first effort the team of lower league Under 21's did very well against a well established team especially in the second half when they ran the show.  The final scoreline was a little harsh.  Special mentions go to Chris Riedel and Nathan Young in defence, Chris Nay who's fitness paid dividends as he was always in the thick of the action in, around and between both boxes and Lewis Battersby upfront who is undoubtedly a quality player and one to watch for the future.

Sincere thanks to John Chapman of SPS FC for providing the shirts, the footballs and for running the line.  Thanks to the BFSFA for allowing us the use of Collins Park, Barney for being the manager and Colin Reidy for agreeing to referee.  Thanks to late subs Joe and Chris Brown for turning out in the second half.  Well played Letham – the match was played in the right way.

Fyldesport Lower league U21's FC 2008/09.  The bare 11.  Back row from left to right :  Barney Woolcock (Manager), Ben Fenton (SPS FC), Adam Potter (NW Kitchens), Chris Riedel (Old England), Chris Nay (Real Burlington), Lewis Battersby (Oxford), Liam Jenks (NW Kitchens).  Front row :  Ben Roxby (Mythop Leisure), Andy Threlfall (SPS FC), Kieran Traynor (NW Kitchens), Nathan Young (St Annes Ex Service) and Joshua Crook (SPS FC).

Letham Lads FC 2008/09.

Ben Roxby (Left)

Colin (Steve Martin) Reidy.

Manager Woolcock prowls the technical area.

The Letham bench – good to see them in a Blackpool FC away kit.

Andy Threlfall (Left) and Nathan Young.

Chris Nay (Left)

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Sportspy 2008/09


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