Disciplinary notes – March 2009.

After going through the full and proper process the BFSFA have ruled on the following disciplinary issues.   In their 5-2 win against lowly strugglers St Annes FC in Division 3B on 15/02/09 Oxford FC fielded two players that were ruled ineligible.  The amended result is now 1-0 to St Annes FC and the Oxford have had a further three points deducted.  Two other 1-0 wins have been awarded due to sides being unable to fulfil fixtures.  Matrix FC 1 -0 The Oxford FC (3B) and Marshall Court FC 1 – 0 AFC Marton (2B).  The tables on the sister site have been updated.  Any questions on these matters should be addressed to the BFSFA and not Fyldesport.

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