Sportspy Reports – Sunday January 4th 2009.

With the camera in for repair I managed to borrow one and took a few pictures at a freezing Commonedge Road.  Not up to the usual standard I'm afraid but still just about better than nothing.

Automedon (2) versus St Annes (3) in the white (Division 3B)

Loyal WAGS

Shovels (2) v Fylde Coast Gates (2)   (Yellow)

Stable Bar 1 – 4 Farmers (Division 3A)   Farmer's hat trick hero Gordon Mason (Right)

West Coast 0 – 2 Spindles (Red) – Division 2A

Keeper's ball.

Northern Care 3 – 2 Quilligans (White)  Jordan the peacemaker

Frendy tweaks that groin.

Leave it.

Northern skipper Terry Green animated as usual.

Rosey looking forward to the final whistle.

Quills restart 3-1 down.

How not to defend corners.  Firstly, Kevan Ford (Second left) is about to rise unmolested at the near post to head on a corner to Scott Sugden (Far right) who is left unmarked at the far post to head it home.  Northern are deservedly in for a nervy last ten minutes.

But the lively looking Dave Cram is a constant threat for Northern at the other end as his cross shot just goes wide.

Sportspy 2008/09

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