CTK FC resign from the BFSFA.

The BFSFA have announced the resignation from Division 1 of CTK FC – Our second casualty of the 2008/09 season.

Just before Christmas and the Alliance loses its second club of the season.  This time we see the demise of Division 1 side CTK FC who seem to have been around for ever playing out of Boundary Park.

In 2005/06 second place in 2B resulted in promotion to Division 1 and in the following season they went on to finish in third.  Last season they finished in sixth and managed to reach the final of the Division 1 Cup final where they were beaten by Fylde Coast Gates.

The tables have been updated on the sister site and they'll be updated on Fyldesport soon.

I hope the committed CTK FC players quickly find alternative clubs within local Sunday football.

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