Inkmasters FC resign from the BFSFA.

It is with great regret that the BFSFA have announced the resignation from Division 2A of Inkmasters FC – Our first and hopefully last casualty of the 2008/09 season.

In 2004/05 and playing as Clifton Co-op FC the club reached the final of the Division 3 Cup where they lost 3-0 to Christ the King FC.  Fourth place that season was also good enough to achieve promotion.  The following season in 2A they went on to finish fourth but since then they've slid down the table and this season they started with nine straight league defeats which has led to their demise.  The sister site table has been amended and the fyldesport table should follow suit soon.

Losing clubs like this is very bad news for local Sunday football as we try and keep up the good numbers we have in our top quality league.  With this in mind the committee has asked that we inform all viewers that they will take a very dim view of anybody who tries to destabalise clubs.  Recent examples are anonymous posts in the Shoutbox claiming that teams such as the Crescent and Hydronics are folding when this is not the case.  If the posters' clubs are identified then action will be taken against them.

I hope the committed Inkmasters FC players quickly find alternative employment within local Sunday football.

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