Sportspy Reports – Sunday November 16th 2008.

A limited 'Sportspy Reports' today due to my attendance at the Blackpool v Preston match.  I still had time to check in on a number of matches that were being played at Commonedge Road.

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An 09:45 start for West Coast Tackle (White) v Rossall Tavern.

Young Rossall Tavern fans out early in the Commonedge sunshine.

West Coast manager Daryl Prance had to turn out this morning.  He rests up against the post whilst telling his troops what to do.

Referee Mr Parr right on the spot.

The Rossall Tavern manager sees another defeat on the road for his men.

Division 1 – Halfway House (Blue) v Fylde Coast Gates.

The Ashall kids sharing sweets (Not with me) sitting on the back of the net – safest place.

Gates come away with the ball.

Simon Oswell in trouble with Mr Bascombe.

Deep breaths for Martin Cardwell after taking a low one.

Division 3B – The Loft FC (White) are away at Automedon FC.

Ex player Ben Wiseman takes up the whistle.

Harris & Co FC may be long gone but the shirts live on!

The Loft keeper looks more suited to Baseball than football.

…………and quite rightly his lack of fashion sense results in a yellow card from referee Wiseman.

Strike 3 !  A quality Automedon free kick finds the top corner.

Good technique from the youngster.

Pitch 8 prior to the Hampton v Metrostars game.  Despite the council setting aside some land beyond the 'Edge for these idiots who get kicks out of riding noisy motorbikes around in endless circles they still feel the need to come on to the field and create six inch 'donut' ridges in the pitches spoiling it for the Sunday football community – thanks lads – no wonder you have a poor reputation.

This morning's stand-in referee.

Metrostar's Greg Paul (Stripes) uses the drag back.

Metrostar's secretary Stacey.

Well kept in.

Waterloo (blue) v Shovels in Division 1 – Lee O'Neill.

A bad day at the office for the Shovels as the defender fails to keep another one out.

Layton Institute Juniors (Blue) v MA2 FC in Division 3A.

Just one from the Farmers v FC Newton match.

Finishing with a few images from today's Blackpool match.  The boy looks forward to his first Blackpool v Preston derby.

“Do you call that a flag?”

Now that's a flag.

Bloomfield Bear is not worthy.

Free kick.

The fans celebrate Hamill's fantastic opener.

Glad all over.

Almost 2-0 up but it just goes over.


Preston corner.

Well gathered by Chubs.

Just think of the overtime.

1-3 – It was to be their day today I'm afraid.

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