Committee reminder on the resignation process.

As the rumour factory seems to be in overdrive regarding who has and who has not resigned the committee have asked that the procedures be clarified.  If in doubt please call Dennis on 391055.

1) Any club with problems must contact the League Secretary Peter Collins in the first instance. Many issues can be resolved without us having to lose a club from the league.

2) If issues cannot be resolved a club must submit a resignation request in writing to the League Secretary Peter Collins.

3) This resignation must then be accepted at a Management Committee meeting, these are held once a month. During discussion of the resignation request, a decision will be made by the Committee as to when the registered players of the resigning club may be allowed to re-register with another club in the league. This is wholly dependent on the circumstances around and the reasons for the resignation request.

4) Following an acceptance of the resignation by the Committee the Treasurer and the Discipline Secretary must ascertain that the club has honoured all its fiscal duties to the league and if not ask the League Secretary to notify the club of any outstanding dues. If monies are owed the League Secretary will inform the club that they have 3 weeks to pay. Failure to pay within 3 weeks will result in the monies being split between the registered players based on how many matches each has played.

5) A player will be allowed to re-register for another club when any time period allotted by the Committee has run its course and that player's financial obligations to the League have been met.

Anyone playing before this is deemed to be unregistered.

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