Sportspy Reports – Sunday October 26th 2008.

I was hoping for a trip to Broadwaters this weekend but when that was off I had Squires Gate in mind.  That too was postponed so it was off across to Commonedge Road to look in on seven of the games being played along the Fylde Coast this morning.

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On Pitch 2 we had the Division 3A match between The Farmers Arms FC and the Falcon FC (Black & White).

The rain comes down.

Clearly, the gales were going to be a major factor in the games at Commonedge this morning.  At 4-3 up and with the Falcon fans baying for the final whistle a dipping 50 yard 'Commonedge special' from a Farmers Arms FC player dipped below the bar to make the final score 4-4.  In the above picture the Farmers' celebrate whilst it's agony for the Falcon.

Next up were Hampton Road Social Club FC (White) versus strugglers Bar 19 FC in Division 3B.  With so few games today it was again a disappointment to see no official referee turn up for this one.  Ex official and Bar 19 FC manager John McDonald stepped in.  At half time his side were losing 2-0 to the leaders.  Just a couple of pictures fro this one.  3-0 to Hampton the final score and they stay top tonight.

Lots of standing water in the box but the game surprisingly went ahead.

Monty prepares for the second period.

Subbed – game over.

Also across the dyke we had Automedon FC (Blue) taking on the Oxford Hotel.  A grim day for Automedon as they were 5-0 down at the break.  The Oxford remain in second after the final score finished at 3-9.

The Oxford player (Second left) just after scoring one of the goals of the day from thirty yards – An unstoppable strike.

The Automedon keeper is on his haunches reflecting on the latest setback.

Stylish (?) Automedon WAGS.

The FC Newton match v MA2 FC in Division 3A was initially switched from Newton to Blackpool Road, St Annes but that too was unfit show it was the short hop across the airport to Commonedge.  League leaders MA2 FC in the red.   The leaders had to work hard for a 3-0 victory.

For the first time ever the enigmatic Peter Clarkson (Right) get a half time pep talk to calm down and concentrate on winning the game.



MA2 FC manager Peter Jenkinson.

A 'non flattering' picture of FC Newton stopper Simon Hurst.

FC Newton fans comfy as usual.

Referee John McNicholas has a head scratching moment and in the background it looks as though the Automedon player can't keep out another goal for the Oxford.

An FC Newton free-kick hits the bar.

Stand-in MA2 FC keeper Shaun Louth told me he had it covered.

On pitch 3 we had the Saddle Inn in the green away at the Stable Bar.  The Saddle's good run continued with a 5-1 win.

The posts on Pitch 5 have recently gone back up and this allowed the FC Eden (Blue) v West Coast Tackle Postal match to go ahead at the re-arranged venue.  2-2 the final score in this one as Eden failed to close the gap significantly on leaders Great Eccleston.

How can the council team that put this net up claim their wages?

West Coast manager Daryl Prance.

It looks like rain.

The Shovels was unsurprisingly at the end of the rainbow (Beer festival starts tomorrow!)

Gloves and it's not even November !!!

Stupid dog.

The Eden keeper comes under pressure.

Eden are 2-1 up with the minutes ticking away but they have to face a West Coast corner.

The perfect 'Commonedge' delivery as it viciously curls under the bar in wind and into the net.  Referee Ian Rose is on the spot to give the goal.  2-2.

The strength of the wind is evident as the Eden defenders retrieve the ball after the equaliser.

Finally for this morning the Bloomfield Vets FC were hosting the Waterloo Hotel FC over on Pitch 1 in Division 1.  Another 2-2 draw and another last gasp equaliser.

Waterloo 'crazy' keeper Goldberg.

The Saddle (Blue) equalise to make it 1-1.

Goldberg celebrates (For now)

Joel Chappell (Left) and Ben McKay in the rain.

That was it until the last seconds.  Deep into added time the Vets were awarded a free-kick on the edge of the Waterloo box with the strong wind behind them.

The kick is taken and there looks to be some Vets' shenanigans in the wall.

The pushing continues and the gap is created.  The ball's on it's way with power.

Goldberg is beaten by the pace.

The ball smashes against the back of the net.

Vets celebrate – Waterloo dejected.  2-2 and the final whistle goes immediately.

The Vet's Andy Gouck and Waterlooo manager Scott share a warm handshake.

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