Latest BFSFA transfer news.

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Sunday football transfer market.  Courtesy of Dennis Peters here is the latest news of players on the move.

PLAYER                                  FROM                                      TO

P Dodgson                         F C Eden                         The Devonshire Arms

Dean  Hoogerwerf              The Oxford                      The Devonshire Arms

L Thornley                          F C Gretone                     M A 2

S Gilmour                           The Devonshire  Arms     Claremont Cons

L Catlow                             Quilligans                         Layton Institute

D Clarke                             F C Excelsior                   Ansdell

M Percival                           Halfway House               F C Excelsior

M Truby                              Shovels                           Bispham J F F

M Horne                              Waterloo                         Bispham J F F

C Wilson                              F C Excelsior                 Bispham J F F

S  Palmer                             Halfway House              Quilligans

J Horton                               Waterloo Sports             Trades & Social

D Horner                              Links Hotel                      Rossall Tavern

C Bennett                            The Devonshire Arms     Claremont Cons

C Davies                              Waterloo                         Waterloo Sports

K Boardman                         Skye                               F C Brun Grove

D McKenzie                          Mythop Leisure              Links Hotel

C Bunney                             St Annes                        Saddle Inn

Dax Hoogerwerf                   The Oxford                    The Devonshire Arms

B Woolcock                          Ward Heating                 Waterloo

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