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The BFSFA leading scorers charts for 2008/2009, courtesy of the BFSFA Committee.  Any queries please contact the BFSFA not Fyldesport!

The BFSFA leading goalscorers charts courtesy of the BFSFA Committee for 2008/2009.  If there are any discrepancies then please contact the BFSFA and not Fyldesport.

Please note that you cannot take goals with you that you have scored in a lower division, if you subsequently play for a higher division team, i.e. Division 3A to Division One.  However, you can take goals with you that you have scored, if you subsequently play for a lower division team, i.e. Premier Division to Division 2A.

Finally, goals scored in the Lancashire Trophy are not included.

Final Tables 2008/2009

BFSFA Premier League Top Scorers

BFSFA Division 1 Top Scorers

BFSFA Division 2A Top Scorers

BFSFA Division 2B Top Scorers

BFSFA Division 3A Top Scorers

BFSFA Division 3B Top Scorers

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